Even More Power for Completely Cooked Pasta and Rice

EBROFROST is existing since June 2013. It is the international holding company for the joint-venture between Keck Spezialit√§ten GmbH and Danrice A/S.  The partners are Stephan Keck (MD) and Ebro Foods.

EBROFROST with its subsidiaries is the leading manufacturer in Europe of cooked, frozen pasta, rice and cereals of all kind.

Both companies support their clients separately but cooperate internally very closely. In order to satisfy customerspecific needs, they will be combining their know-how, their skills and experiences. KECK ist focused on pasta and pasta nests for the ready meal industry, restaurant chains and foodservice whilst DANRICE is focused on rice, cereals and pasta nests for stir fry ready meals industy.

Caused to the partner Ebro Foods we are able to absorb the volatility of the commodity markets of the raw materials semolina and rice much better because EBRO is the leading marketing company of rice and the second largest manufacturer of dried pasta products worldwide.

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