Fully Cooked IQF

Ebrofrost is regarded as one of the leading system suppliers of products precooked to the point for manufacturers of stir-fry / ready-made dishes and restaurant chains. We purchase our products from the best areas of cultivation. All articles are individually quick frozen.

Top class pasta is usually manufactured from fresh dough. We at Ebrofrost cook our short pasta for our customers, manufacturers of stir-fry/ready-made dishes, and restaurant chain owners, with high-grade fresh dough too – over 100 forms, without additives and cooked to any point desired.

We develop individual recipes together with manufacturers of ready meals. That’s why form, size, and the cooking point of the pasta and noodle nests meet their demands exactly.

Due to this close cooperation, our deep-frozen products fit optimally into their production processes, be it individually quick frozen (IQF) or as noodle nest. 

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Elbow Maccaroni



Top class pasta is usually manufactured from fresh dough. We at Ebrofrost cook our long pasta for our customers, manufacturers of stir-fry /ready-made dishes and restaurant chain owners with high-grade fresh dough too – without additives and precooked to any point desired.

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Frozen Noodle Nests – Individual Form with 50 to 300 g

We flash-freeze cooked, long-cut pasta as noodle nests. With this, frozen long-cut pasta can fill bags or meal trays problem-free with multi-head weighters without breaking. 

With the use in meal trays, the nest hast to fit exactly into the tray. 

Our pasta nests are very suitable for this. We flash-freeze them into each desired form: from round via oval up to angular. Therefore, our customers receive the guarantee that they not only can lay the pasta nests not the meal trays without breaking, but the nests are also tailor-made and have the exact weight. 

In fact, we are renowed in the industry for having the widest product range of IQF rice.

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Long Grain Rice

Brown Rice

St Andrea Rice

Blended Rice

Ebrofrost is well known for an extensive range of IQF grain products like quinoa, couscous, bulgur or buckwheat to support our customers to create healthy and diversified dishes.

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Lentils are high in dietary fibre, folates and antioxidants which are great at preventing damage to cells by free-radicals.

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Green Lentils

Red Lentils

Brown Lentils

Black Lentils