Fully Cooked IQF

Ebrofrost is regarded as one of the leading system suppliers of products precooked to the point for manufacturers of stir-fry / ready-made dishes and restaurant chains. We purchase our products from the best areas of cultivation. All articles are individually quick frozen.

Top class pasta is usually manufactured from fresh dough. We at Ebrofrost cook our short pasta for our customers, manufacturers of stir-fry/ready-made dishes, and restaurant chain owners, with high-grade fresh dough too – over 100 forms, without additives and cooked to any point desired.

We develop individual recipes together with manufacturers of ready meals. That’s why form, size, and the cooking point of the pasta and noodle nests meet their demands exactly.

Due to this close cooperation, our deep-frozen products fit optimally into their production processes, be it individually quick frozen (IQF) or as noodle nest. 

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Elbow Maccaroni



Top class pasta is usually manufactured from fresh dough. We at Ebrofrost cook our long pasta for our customers, manufacturers of stir-fry /ready-made dishes and restaurant chain owners with high-grade fresh dough too – without additives and precooked to any point desired.

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Pasta and Noodle Nests – Freshly made, fully cooked, IQF

With our unique nest technology, we freshly extrude, cook, chill and form long pasta into IQF nest shapes. This nests can range from 50 g to 300 g and in round, oval or angular forms. Industrial ready meal producers can run our nests perfectly on multi head weighers, but as well portion them into any kind of ready meal trays. Due to the fact the pasta is cooked in water ( not steam ) the nests can be reheated in any cooking device.

All Italian pasta shapes are also available from whole grain semolina, organic semolina, with or without egg recipe. Asian noodle nests are offered in various recipes e. g. with wheat flour, buckwheat and tapioca starch.

Patented continuous cooking and freezing process

On the basis of our patented continuous cooking and freezing process, we handle all varieties of rice. In fact we are renowned for having the widest product range of IQF rice. No matter if you look for standard long grain white or yellow rice, Asian rice like Jasmin or Basmati, rice for Italian risottos like Arborio rice or specialities like blended rice or rice with spices, we are your all in one partner for your requirements.

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Long Grain Rice

Brown Rice

St Andrea Rice

Blended Rice

High protein superfood

Ebrofrost offers an extensive range of IQF grain products like quinoa, couscous, bulgur or buckwheat to support our customers to create healthy and diversified dishes. Many specialists classify our products as nutritionally particularly high-quality, also known as “Superfood”.

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More variety on the plates

Lentils are high in dietary fibre, folates and antioxidants which are great a preventing damage to cells by free-radicals. Manufacturers can distinguish themselves by creating dishes with fully cooked IQF lentils. They bring some colour into the dishes and are offering high nutritional values. Ideal for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes.

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Green Lentils

Red Lentils

Brown Lentils

Black Lentils