Ebrofrost Denmark A/S

Odensevej 16
5853 Ørbæk
+45 (0) 65 33177-0

General Information

Annual Capacity 39.000 to.
45 employees

Line BC 16:  Rice / Capacity 4.2 to. / hour

Line BC 8:  Grains & Rice / Capacity 4,2 to. / hour

Nest-Line:  2.0 to. / hour


1993: Danrice A/S was founded in Denmark on its patented technology for cooking and freezing rice in a continuous process.
1994: The first production line based on the patented technology was established.
1996: The company was certified according to ISO 9001.
1997: Second production line was established.
1998: Launched production of IQF pasta under the trademark Danpasta A/S.
2003: The company was acquired by Ebro Foods Spain, as part of the company’s continued expansion.
2004: Danrice and Danpasta were merged under the name Danrice A/S
2009: Installed a new state of art cooking and freezing line for the production of grains
2011: British Retail Consortium certification (BRC).
2012: Installed a fully automated packing and palletizing system.
2012: Started Export to the USA.
2013: Merged Keck and Danrice into what became Ebrofrost.
2014: Installed a pasta nests line for the production of cooked and frozen long cut pasta.
2015: Established a sales office in the USA
2017: Upgraded the rice line to increase line capacity with 25%
2018: Upgraded the grain line to increase line capacity with 20% capacity and started the RTE journey.
2018: Re-named the company to Ebrofrost Denmark A/S
2019: Upgraded the nests line to increase capacity by 40%