Ebrofrost North America

2360 Prospect Street
Memphis / Tennessee 38106
United States
Tel: +1 (901) 948-856

General Information

Annual Capacity 45.000 to.
19 employees

Rice line: Capacity 7.5 to. / hour

Pasta line: Capacity 3,5 to. / hour / start will be September 2019


In March 2015 the board of directors of EBROFROST holding agreed that due to positive signals from the market and sales team in the US ( RIVIANA ) a market research should be started to negotiate the potentials of frozen rice and pasta in the US.

Market research has been done and it was agreed that EBROFROST North America should be founded and to require a membership in the American frozen food association ( AFFI )

Thanks to the participation at AFFI we got the information 2016 that B&G must close down their“Green giant” rice and pasta cooking freezing facility in a general mills plant by end 2017. From thatmoment we knew there will be a vacuum in the market and we immediately started to negotiate with B&G and to built up a business and investment plan – even without knowing how much of the volume we will be able to get we started to built up a plant in Memphis next to the RIVIANA dry rice plant.

Planning started 2nd quarter 2016 – production started October 2017

In record time we realized a total investment of 35 mio USD ( the biggest single investment ever made in EBROFROST )

The biggest rice line with fully automated tote packaging has been realized there and we are very proud that the line delivers excellent quality from day one.

In May 2019 additionally to the rice and grains processing line a short cut pasta line will be started up to be able to produce neither fresh produced pasta as cooked frozen or IQF Pasta cooked from dry.